Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fishing in Paradise: Camera Fishing

     I'm asked all of the time if I fish, but I guess I really can say that I do, but not with a spear gun or a rod and reel.     I find that fishing with a camera is an even bigger challenge than to catch them on a hook.    These Parrot Fish are reef cleaners and by eating dead coral and creating sand .   These are not fish that you catch, but rather watch them as the soar in vee like a flock of geese over the reef.   Many of the fish I am looking for while drifting through the mangroves and in the salt ponds around Key West won't be seen by a normal fisherman.  

     I love to stumble across an unsuspecting  Sting Ray and watch as the sands are stirred as it swims away.   The real challenge is to actually be able to capture the image of the fish as they swim beneath the sparkling water.   This is my thrill of the catch, and one that I can look back on anytime I care to.

    Here are a few other fish that I have been able to catch as I have been drifting around the crystal clear waters that make the keys so attractive to me and so many others.  ;o)