Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Fly Boys of Boca Chica Channel

    Today I'm just floating down through Boca Chica Channel watching the Navy Fly Boys bring in their fighters for a landing at NAS Key West.  The roar of the jets is a regular sound down here in the keys, whether from the Key West International Airport or NAS Key West.  It is a sound of freedom for our country and a chance to marvel at some of the most sophisticated flying machines in the world.  The way the pilots handle them is also very impressive.

     Having owned aircraft in my previous world, I really enjoy seeing all the varieties of them around here.   To spend an afternoon out on the water watching the mechanical birds is almost as much fun as observing "mother natures".   I find it to be an interesting dichotomy  because there are a large number of birds the hang out just off the end of the runway in Boca Chica Channel.  These two birds do not do well together, many of aircraft has been lost from mid air collisions with birds.  This is very dangerous and not a good thing for either of the "flocks".

   No matter how you chop it up, it is a great way to spend an afternoon, birds and planes, both very spectacular.   Hope that you are enjoying your Memorial Day Monday like I have.  ;o)