Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Roberts Has Arrived

     The Florida Caribbean Rum Distillery has gotten Black Robert, a new spiced rum out on the market.     This is a new spiced rum that has some very different and enjoyable flavors when compared to the current batch of spiced rums that are out there today.    I had a chance to sample the rum on a recent distillery tour to the Auberndale, Florida plant.     I feel like this will be a good addition to the shelf at the Rum Bar and on the boat.     If you are of the spiced rum persuasion, you can stop by the Rum Bar here in Key West and enjoy this new addition after Wednesday.

      This is a darker spiced rum that has a nose on it that says Caribbean all the way. and the palate and the finish are equally attractive.     This can be sipped or mixed with your favorite mixers, like coconut water, ginger beer, or even cola.     Take a few minutes and search out your liquor stores or bars to find this new addition.     It is distributed by Republic National if your store doesn't have it yet you can tell them how to obtain it.     ;o)