Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel Time Coming Up Next Week

Nelson Dilbert and Walker Romanica
     Time to get back on the road again next week.   Headed for Grand Cayman and the opportunity to visit the Seven Fathoms Distillery in Georgetown.   The Founders Nelson Dilbert and Walker Romanica have graciously invited us to tour the facility and explain the process of aging the rum in seven fathoms of water rather than in a warehouse.   This team really shares a passion for the art of rum making and has some very unique ideas about how it should be made.   This is an exciting concept and one that I am looking forward to seeing in person next Tuesday.

     The concept is based on the consistent temperature and humidity within the vessel and the push and pull of the tides massaging the rum.  The movement of the tides if you will rotates the rum and allows more of the rum to make contact with the barrel.  This  will give the rum a more consistent finish and aid in the maturing of the rum.   This is a really interesting concept that I am looking forward to learning more about when I get to the distillery.

     I did get a chance to sample the rum a couple of months ago and I found it to be quiet nice.  This is going top be a wonderful experience seeing the facility and meeting with the creator of this rum.   ;o)