Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dzama Finally Reaches Florida

     Three years ago I first ran across the Dzama (Pronounced "Zahm").   This rum won Gold in the 2011 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival and Silver the following year.   It wasn't until recently that the Dzama operation received their importation clearance to begin selling their fine rums here in America.

     The plant in Madagascar first opened in 1980, is especially clean, and
maintained that way to prevent the introduction of any unwanted molds that will naturally occur in the air where ethanol is being produced.   They use sugar cane that is produced in different areas of Madagascar to get the flavors from the came they are looking for in the rum.   Different yeasts for the different washes also effect the flavors.   There is a definite influence of the French in the agriculture of the island.   The rum is aged in Spanish Oak, American Oak  and new French Limousin Oak barrels from the Chivas Brothers Distillery, giving the blender more tools from which to create these wonderful flavors.

     This is a very smooth rum boasting aromas vanilla and subdued aromas of oak, fruit, and a bit of alcohol.  On the palate it takes on the taste of a flavored or spiced rum, but the makes of Dzama Cuvee Noire Prestige insist there are no artificial or additives in their rhums.   Almost hard to believe with the strong flavors that are there.   The vanilla is the final taste that you notice in the finish.

     Having just arrived this week, the Dzama Cuvee Noire Prestige is moving well and is fast becoming a new favorite among the customers.  I find it to be an honest and great tasting rum that I am proud to be able to add to the Rum Bar Key West collection.   ;o)