Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Two Days on the Water

     All of the repairs and stuff is taken care of this week and I'm headed out on the water for a couple of days.  My plans call for a leisurely  cruise to the east to Bahia Honda State Park and spend a night on the boat there and heading out again tomorrow and cruise back home.  A day away from all of the stuff and papers that have been holding me in the marina for the past few months and being left behind and I'm taking a couple of days for me and Marta.

    A bit overcast as we depart the marina headed to the east and Bahia Honda.  The seas were building a bit, but "Lil Sanity", the boat, is holding her own as we make way through  the waves.   It was a bit rougher that anticipated, but we were determined to make it for out over nighter at Bahia Honda. 

     Upon  our arrival, we secured the boat hooked up the electricity and the water.  Now it is time to relax and wander around and see all of the beautiful sights of this wonderful state park.  The clouds have gotten thicker and a little bit of mist is falling, but nothing to dampen our enthusiasm for this outing.  The afternoon is just flying by and we are thoroughly enjoying the sights and sounds of the park.

    Getting close to dinner time and hanging out in the cabin of the boat for the evening and enjoying the music and some much needed quiet time for the both of us.  It is days like this that keep us going down here in paradise.  It makes it much easier to do what is necessary to be able to stay here for rest of our lives.  ;o)