Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hurricane Bob: Magic Elixir Revealed

If you are wondering about the "magic" cocktail that we drink on the docks to ward off the hurricanes, well here it is.   It is made in 2 gallon batches and will do wonders for every one on the docks before the arrival of a tropical storm or hurricane.   The flavors of the rum can be worked with to suit your taste, and the amounts of the fruit juices can be played with also.

    This is the same magic that keeps us protected here in the keys and you might want to try it in your neck of the woods also.   This has no guarantee to keep you safe, so please do all your preparation for the impending storm before starting to consume this magic elixir to drive the storm away.

     This is a great cocktail to take to the beach as well it dispenses well from a Gatorade cooler.   Just add ice and enjoy.   ;o)