Thursday, January 29, 2015

Flor de Cana 25 Year Old Rum: Now at the Rum Bar Key West

     It has been a long wait for Flor de Cana 25 Year to come to the United States and more specifically Florida, but it has arrived and we have it on the shelf at the Rum Bar.  This expression has only been available through Duty Free Shops outside of the United States until now.  I hope to see some of you rum lovers at the Rum Bar this coming week to learn what this fine rum is all about.

    The company is describing Flor de Cana 25 year Old as "our jewel in the crown".  The brand joins the Centenario Collection in receiving a new decanter style bottle that emphasizes the quality, age statement, and the "Tradicion Artesanal" (traditional craftsmanship) of the rum.   The bottle is beautifully with a great shape and heavy glass base.

     According to the label it is "Slow Aged" for 25 years, which is a trademark of Flor de Cana.   It is also a "single Estate Rum" and presented at 80 proof.

     I will do a full review of the rum when I get a chance to taste it Thursday back at work.