Thursday, October 20, 2016

Calories From Alcoholic Beverages Have Surpassed Those From Soda According to Euromonitor

     I ran across  a story of a study showing that many countries people have a higher intake from The research, which could shift obesity fears surrounding sugary drinks on to alcohol, claims that in 23 out of 24 countries studied by Euromonitor, alcoholic drinks account for more calories per person than soft drinks. In South Korea, 168 calories per person, per day, come from alcohol compared to 44 from soft drinks, while in Germany the ratio was 145 to 118 in favor of alcohol.  alcoholic beverages than they do from sugary sodas.  In a story in the Guardian, Of 24 countries tracked by the data analysts Euromonitor International, all but one have higher daily calorie consumption from alcoholic drinks than sugary beverages. In the UK, adults are consuming more than 106 calories per head every day from alcoholic drinks, compared with 98 from sugar-sweetened drinks.   

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      As a barman, I can understand this, but it is my feeling that it is not the calories from the alcohol.  Most people don't drink their alcohol straight.  The majority of the calories come from what is mixed with their alcohol.  Whether it be cola, lemon-lime soda or fruit juices, these all add a lot of calories to the cocktail.  Most servings of spirit have about 100 calories, but when you start mixing up some of those delicious cocktails, the calories go right through the roof.

10 High Calorie Cocktails

1. Long Island Iced Tea: Serving Size: 7 oz Calories: up to 780

2. Margarita: Serving Size:  8.5 oz. Calories: up to 740

3. PiƱa Colada: Serving size: 6 oz. Calories: up to 644

4. Mai Tai: Serving size: 9 oz. Calories: up to 620

5. Mudslide: Serving size: 12.5 oz. Calories: up to 594

6. Grasshopper Martini: Serving size: 7 oz. Calories: up to 525

7. Chocotini: Serving size: 6 oz. Calories: up to 438

8. White Russian: Serving size: 5 oz. Calories: up to 425

9. Brandy Eggnog on the rocks: Serving size: 7 oz. Calories: up to 422

10. Key Lime Pie Martini: Serving size: 5 oz. Calories: 323

     It is important to understand what makes up an alcoholic drink in order to understand why you are taking in so many calories from them.  If you keep your cocktail to a straight spirit on the rocks or with a diet mixer, you can cut down the calories significantly.  This is important when you are dieting to loose weight, but still want to enjoy a cocktail when you out and about.