Sunday, September 1, 2019

Bahama Bob’s Rum Fire Review

     Jamaica’s Hampden Estate, one of the centuries old distillery famous for Jamaican style  high proof rums.   This rum reaches out and kicks you immediately upon your first sniff and taste.  It is a high-ester rum that is filled with that famous “Jamaican funk” that make this rum so special.   Rum Fire is a historic and truly authentic Jamaican rum that is smooth and vibrant, perfect for those special cocktails that ask for a white rum.

     Rum Fire exhibits aromas of cane, mint and fruit.  This is a medium body dry white rum that provides a fruity flavor and a finish with hints of leather.  Be careful of this wonderfully flavorful rum, because it packs a whopping 126 proof.

     I love this rum in several very simple cocktails, like as I lovingly refer to a “Tingfire”, a simple drink combining the Jamaican soft drink Ting with Rum Fire Rum.  This makes great daiquiris, Mojitos, or any other rum cocktail that you want to add a little bit more flavor and kick to bring it to life.