Friday, October 12, 2018

Glasgow Gets First Rum Distillery in 300 Years

     Wester Spirit Co. is set to open a new rum distillery in Glasgow’s Partick in November – the first for the city in over 300 years, say the company.  Wester Spirit Company is the brainchild of Zander Macgregor and Allan Nairn, who are both based in Glasgow.

     It has moved away from conventional copper stills in favor the multi-faceted future of stainless steel. The Still is equipped with fully programmable technology to increase the efficiency of the distilling process and has the option of manual control to allow changes to the smallest details in the flavor profile.  According to the distillery, the Genio still will allow Wester Spirit Company to reproduce its recipe with “unrivaled accuracy”.

     Combined, this helps to create a spirit hand-crafted with intuition, expertise and enhanced flavor with guaranteed consistency.  The distillery will also provide the opportunity for the brand to meet the growing demand for spiced rum by increasing the production limit from 250 bottles per month to 6000. 

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