Friday, August 26, 2011

Funny Happened at the Bar Yesterday.

     It was a day of relief and just a few breezes blustering about trying to remind us that we had just missed what could have been a pretty devastating event here in Key West.    I found myself fixing a rather large number of hurricane cocktails that seemed to be raised in defiance to the "weather gods".     With the event past and life running back to normal, tourists returning, locals coming out for a cocktail or two, and most everyone breathing a sigh of relief that we were spared again.      Yesterday provided us with a calm over the island that has been missing for a week or so as Irene was approaching.     At one point we were the "bullseye" in the cone of uncertainty, but as the days went on the storm kept turning to the east and away from us.

     Today I have to be concerned about our friends in the Carolinas and up the eastern seaboard.     With close friends all through this area, the more it turns to the East the better.     The idea of another "New Orleans-Katrina" type of disaster in the I-95 corridor is not what the people and the economy of this area need.    

Local 10 Image
     My friends in the Turks and Caicos are OK, with some damages, but well and it seems that the Grand Bahama and Abacos faired well also.     The biggest worry in the Bahamas because they are like Key West very low lying islands is flooding and storm surge.    Today with the storm waning, there will be more assessment of the damages and we will know for sure.

     We need to turn our focus and prayers to the people in the Northeast and hope it turns more to the east and they are too spared the heart break of this storm's rage.