Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cruising Spring Break Key West

     I find it interesting all that happens down here during the Spring Break time.     Yesterday I hopped on my scooter with camera in hand and started driving and walking around Key West to see what this is all about.     I find all the energy that the kid have very refreshing and fun to watch.     Many saw so many things at once that they didn't seem to know which one they really want to do first.
 Many rent scooters and this mobility carries them all over the island, horns blowing at every other scooter they meet and just having a lot of fun.     The one thing that all of them have in common is the huge smiles on their faces and a look of relief just being down here in the sun.

     Many of the others are busy meeting new friends and shopping on Duval Street.     You literally see thousands of kids introducing themselves to each other and going in and out of shops everywhere you look all over old town.
I find it amazing how much fun and how little strife there is as these kids intermingle while getting to know each other.    Even though there are a lot of rival schools present, it really doesn't seem to matter unlike it does back home.     Sure they are all proud of their school, but it isn't the pressing issue down here in the sunshine.
     The other thing I'm impressed with so far is the manners and the respect they are showing each other and the locals around Key West.     Unlike years past when things were being trashed by the revelers.     As a bartender, I really appreciate the polite manner in which they are conducting themselves in my place.     Yes the streets are jammed with people traffic is snarled, but people are having fun and not stepping on other peoples toes to badly as they party through the streets and beaches.    Keep up the good work and have yourselves a blast.       ;o)