Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Debonaire Coffee Rum

Phillip S. Zanghi III
     Debonaire Rum and Debonaire Cigars are two of the finest anywhere.   Phillip S. Zanghi III has brought his Cigar business together with some fine rums created by Don Pancho Fernandez gives this combination a 1 2 punch, that is just what the cigar smoker and rum drinker loves, a great cigar to go with a great rum.   He has a 5 Years, an 8Year, a 15 Year and a 21 Year old premium rum.    The combination of the fine rums and the fine cigars will fill an evening after a fine dinner.

     There are two other unique rums from Don Pancho as well.  There is a honey rum and a absolutely wonderful coffee rum.   During the Grand Tasting, Gayle Seale and a few of her friends were looking for my coffee morning cocktail.   I managed to come up with all of the ingredients that were necessary and they got to enjoy the cocktails   The real special part I the Debonaire Coffee rum, this is macerated from real coffee beans and has the aroma and taste of real good Cuban coffee.  This will be a must have in the Rum Lab and in the Rum Bar in Key West when it arrives here in Florida.

Bahama Bob"s Coffee Delight
  • 1 1/2 Oz. Debonaire Coffee Rum
  • 3/4 Oz. Vizcaya Cask 21 Rum
  • 2 Oz. Half and Half
Place all of the ingredients in a shaker and shake until chilled and pout over fresh ice in a rocks glass.  Garnish with ground hard chocolate.  or fresh nutmeg.