Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mount Gay Black Barrel: Just in at the Rum Bar

     Mount Gay's new Black Barrel is now available for your tasting at the Rum Bar in Key West.   This is the replacement for the Mount Gay Black 100 Proof that has been discontinued.

     Mount Gay is the oldest rum producer in the world.   Mount Gay Black Barrel is being introduced in conjunction with their 310th birthday.    Allen Smith, the master blender at Mount Gay is the one responsible for this new rum.    The rum is of a dark coppery color and has a somewhat viscous nature.  This is a blend of different aged rums from both pot still and column still origins.  Black Barrel is finished in charred oak bourbon barrels giving it the woody and peppery flavor on the palate.   This blend of various age rums combine to give you a very nice traditional bold rum with the aroma of fruit, vanilla, and wood.

     The Black Barrel has a completely unique to the brand packaging, Very stark and bold, it jumps off the shelf at you when it is placed among the other bottles.   It is being said that the rest of the line will be following soon with this new packaging concept.   This is a label that you would expect to find on an experimental bottle that you would get from a distillery for your evaluation or from a small batch operation.

     I like the innovation that Allen Smith has put into Mount Gay Black Barrel, and I fell that it will be well received in the market place.   I did enjoy my first taste.   You too will be happy to know that it is available at the Rum Bar in Key West.   ;o)