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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rumstylin' at the Green Parrot Bar

     The Green Parrot Bar is another of the legendary bars that dot the streets of Key West.     The bar is " the first and last bar on U.S.1 and been around since 1890.     The Green Parrot was listed as a grocery store from 1888 to 1927 in the Key West Directory, and the Brown Derby Bar in 1948.     Later in 1948 Judy Sullivan and established the "Brown Derby Sub Shop and Green Parrot Bar.     and the latest chapter is when Mr. Bean purchased the Bar and ditched the sub shop and the Green Parrot is a stand alone Key West landmark.

     Today the Green Parrot Bar is the music center of Key West.    If it Jazz you like the "Parrot"is the place, whether it is from the legendary jukebox of the live music that brings the place to life on weekends and some weekdays.    The music from the jukebox is mostly blues of a Chicago, Memphis, Texas, or Delta origins, but lately the introduction of some New Orleans funk and added even more depth to the sounds.     With a100 selections on the jukebox offering some of the best  blues music there is.    

     The musicians are an eclectic group, a fact that doesn't shock anyone.     The bottom line is if you like your music jazzy, funky, or bluesy, the Green Parrot Bar is the place you want to be.     The Friday evening "Sound Check" is one of the more popular events that takes place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening at about 5:30 pm.     There is a "Sunday Jazz Showcase" every Sunday at 1:00 pm  as well.     This grand historic establishment has seen some of the finest musicians and music lovers together making this one warm and fun venue for any rumstyler.     Hope to see you there some evening.     ;o)


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