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Thursday, August 4, 2011

It is Amazing What Games We Can Create at the Bar.

Sunday at the Rum Bar a group of friends got together to do just one thing, set a record for the most "Painkillers" that could be consumed in a day.      They were successful, their previous record was nine, but that was raised to ten  about eight months ago by another person, and now they have reset it at thirteen.     Not only did one of the group make it to the record status, but four of them co-hold the record.     Two others tied the old record at ten, and this doesn't even mention the sixty-four that the entire group drank.       As the bartender that day, it set a new record for the most painkillers that I had ever made, somewhere in the realm of eighty or so.

     This also turned out to be a really fun day as other people came and went while all the painkiller consumption was taking place.     The interaction of the rest of the bar patrons with the record breaking crew was nothing short of a great day at the circus.     I guess the best part of the whole thing was the camaraderie of the crew and the support of the "spectators" that came and went during the day.    This challenge took from 12:30 til 5:30 to be completed and a great time was had by all of the people that participated.   

I was glad to hear tha the crew was able to go out for dinner that night and all were present and accounted for the next morning at breakfast.    Fortunately this was not a sprint event, but rather a marathon, and all of the participants were still around at the finish.     Great job was done by all involved and thanks to the spectators that hung out and enjoyed the show with us.     ;o)

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  1. I think I can set a new record. Next time I am in KW that is the goal! Did they go with the classic or spiced drink?