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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Party has Finally Come to an End

     Last night brought the 2011 Fantasyfest to an end here in Key West with a incredible parade and day of street frolic.     The 2011 Fantasy fest showed little of the tight economy, but rather the need for people to shake the bonds of stress and gloom and party until you can't party anymore.
Most of us have been partying for a little over a week know and the toll is starting to show.   The parade and it's fabulous floats and all of the people that are manning them make this one of the most fun parades that you can attend anywhere.     Yes it is a bit risque, but good fun and well liked by all of us down here in Key West.     Remember we are just a little bit different down here. 

     No matter what you fantasy, you could have lived it this past week here in Key West, and I'm looking to see what next year's Fantasyfest will bring to light again.    So long from Fantasyfest 2001.   ;o)

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