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Monday, November 7, 2011

Denizen Premium Rum Draws Them in at the Rum Bar Last Thursday

     The Rum Bar was packed Thursday afternoon with rum aficionado's to taste the Denizen Premium Rum.     The five Rum Lab cocktails available for the tasting brought rave reviews for the Denizen Rum by the patrons.     These tastings are great for the rum lovers to try the rums being featured and to have a good time in the atmosphere of the event as well.

     Denizen pulled the crowd in for the second time at the Rum Bar and this time as a part of the "20th Annual Meeting of the Minds", the Jimmy Buffett Fan Clubs convention in  Key West.     Those who stopped by found the Denizen to be a great cocktail rum that blended very well in the cocktails and brought out a special flavor that they really enjoyed.

     The next time that you go to the store for a premium cocktail rum, remember to try Denizen, you won't be disappointed.   ;o)

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