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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ron Centenario Rum Tasting Draws Well, While Buffett sings on the other end of Duval

    Dispite the competition of Jimmy Buffett on the other end of Duval Street from the  Rum Bar, Ron Centenario 7 Year Old Rum drew a great crowd as the Phlocked to taste the premium rum and cocktails that were developed in the Rum Lab especially for this event.     The came and enjoyed this fine rum that mixes so well and yet can still be sipped neat or on the rocks.   Anytime that you start with a rum that gives you this capability you are going to have a great cocktail that you can be proud of.     It was a great rum to develop the cocktails for and you can look forward to creating your own premium cocktails with Ron Centenario 7 Year Old rum or any other of the line of fine premium rums.    ;o)   

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