Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, January 3, 2011

Living the Rumstyler's Dream with Bahama Bob Leonard

     Welcome to my new Blog that is dedicated to the Rum lifestyle of the Caribbean, Mexico, the United States, and Key West.     I'm a rum bar bartender on Duval Street here in Key West, Florida, and from my unique vantage point I'll try to share some of the adventures of people I meet at the bar and through my own travels as a rum ambassador and tourist to many fun places.
    We will be traveling to Panama in February to visit the Abuelo and the Zafra Rum people.   We will be looking at the way other people with similar interests are keeping their rumstyling alive both when they are away from the cities and suburbs and how they keep their dreams going at home.     I love the calls and messages that I get on my facebook wanting drink recipes, ideas for a new rum or many other areas that keep their rumstyle alive between visits to paradise.
     Please feel free to share ideas and stories with me as we travel through this rumstyle and have some fun at the same time.    Keeping in mind that Rum is the drink of the fun loving people, you just don't see people tossing down rum and "crying in their rum", they are having fun and celebrating life.
     This is going to be a fun adventure so stay with me as I bring you the adventures and travels of Bahama Bob.