Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rumstyling by Boat

     Today lets talk about the fun of heading out on your boat to a island or beach somewhere with a small collection of friends.     The possibilities are endless as what you can do to make this a really fun outing.     One of my favorites is to take the boat out to the Marquesas Keys for a day of beach snorkel and good rum.
the advantage of a bigger boat is that you can take a lot of your friends and really have a floating party.     The dinghy provides the shuttle from the "mothership" to the beach and back and there is always the snorkeling from the swim deck and don't forget the bar is really stocked with some of my favorite rums and mixes.     Some of us are "treasure hunters" and some of us are "sun worshipers" and some of us are just plain relaxers that swim, have a cocktail or two, and chill for the day.   

     These days out on the water are a great part of my rumstyle and I wouldn't trade a single day out for any amount of money.     This is a nirvana if you will that few have learned to achieve.     The time spent with friends in a layed-back environment is just plain the best.      Some times we can get a group of other boaters to meet out there on the water and raft-up to form a rather neat and large flotilla.     This leads to even more fun because of the diversity of the boats and the people they bring to the party.    Some times out a one of the local sandbars you can find 20  to 50 boats anchor off and all hanging out on the sandbar sharing their experiences and their cocktails.     The friendships that are made at the raft-ups and sandbar get togethers usually lasting ones and one that are not easily forgotten.

     Rumstylin',not a bad thing that is not just about drinking, carousing, or even getting drunk.    It is rather an attitude of friendship and fun that is growing bigger all the time  among like-thinking people who have learned to step away from the hum-drum of every day working world and relax.    Just throw in some sunshine and beautiful blue and teal water and you have all the ingredients for a great experience.

     As we sail into the sunset on our return to the marina happy rumstylin' to you and hope you develop a great style of your own.