Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Friday, January 7, 2011

Keeping with the Water Party

     Partys on the water are a great thing that never fails to peak the interest of the rumstylers.     Dead of winter or the heat of summer the true rumstylin boater is on the water and having a party of some sort.     I remember from my days on Lake Norman in North Carolina having the first "Raft-up" of the season on January 1.    There were several of the locals there and we all had a great time keeping warm, swapping lies and drinking rum to keep warm.     It is the friendship and the pure fun of living and playing on the water that makes the "Aqua-rumstyler" a special breed.
     In the summer or in the tropics the Aqua-rumstyler takes on a different garb.    Dropping the parkas of the northern lakes and dawning the t-shirts and shorts of the tropics.    The hot rum drinks are traded for fruity cool rum drinks, but the results are the same, rumstylers having a party for no apparent reason.     These impromptu parties usually lead to new friends and bigger raft-ups as the winter moves to summer til you end up with the World's largest raft-up (Lake Norman, North Carolina. over 1000 boats rafted together for a great rumstyler's event)    

     Whether you party in a mega yacht, a dinghy, or something in between, "aqua-rumstylers" just know how to have a really fun day on the water.     If you haven't tried it yet it is time for you to pack up your friends and all their crafts and get out for a little "aqua-rumstylin".    Have fun, be safe and carry all your trash back to the dock and dispose of it in a proper manner.   Remember that true rumstylers are responsible for their actions.    Have a an aqua-blast soon.   ;o)