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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Today is Mojito Day

Probably one of the most refreshing cocktails a rumstyler can order or make is a Mojito.     It has been bent and doctored into more versions that almost any other drink I have run across.     The original Cuban version is the cleanest and in my opinion the tastiest of all.     Being a purest at heart, I tend to stay with the original recipe for the most part, but according to the Cuban bartender that showed me how to make one of these fine drinks you can vary the rum to your taste and still be in the true spirit of the Mojito.   

     I have done some playing with my recipe over the past two years and have come up with some interesting versions of my own.     My basic recipe is a traditional white rum, lime juice, cane syrup, and a splash of club soda.     However, the use of a dark rum adds a richness to the flavor without compromising the original recipe.     I have also played with a pure sugar cane syrup from the Saint Nicolas Abbey in Barbados and used their fine rum in the recipe also.    The results were very good because you pick up some of the molasses flavors of the fresh cane and the full flavor of the rum makes for a very nice mojito.     I have also used a Mammajuana Rum from the Dominican Republic, a dark Cuba Libre Rum from Guyana, and one of my favorites a 5 Year old Plantation Barbados Rum.     The choice is a large one for the rum, but as long as you keep the basic recipe in tact and just vary the rum within limits you will have a very nice traditional mojito you can really sit back rumstylin and enjoy. 

     There are other variations I have run across from behind the bar at customer requests including making it with Vodka, use of flavored and spiced rums, and even a "Lo-cal" version made with Splenda simple syrup.     No matter how you like your Mojito it is a rumstylers front-line staple in you recipe book.  ;o)