Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, January 10, 2011

Watching the Weather?

     Today it is a beautiful clear 75 degrees here in Key West, listing to all my friends that are buried in snow in the Charlotte area of North Carolina reminds me of why I chose this island life and my rumstylin' ways.     Today I'll jump in my dinghy and head out (my day off to boot) to one of the uninhabited keys with a nice bottle of El Dorado 15 year old rum, a bottle of #30 sun block,  and just hang out and watch the marine and bird life as it passes by on this lovely day.      Hopefully there will be a few like minded adventurers out there that I can share my grog if you will and carry on some a layed-back conversation with.    
     These trips also remind me of what some people go through to get to this place that I find so wonderful tin which to live.      I often find "chugs" ( Cuban refugee vessels) stewn along the beaches on these keys, and it makes me think of what it means to people who weren't born here to be here.     It is food for thought and if they are willing to travel in an unpredictable sea in a rickety 15 to 20 foot craft thrown together from sheet metal and scrap materials, how well off are we?     

     Anyway, still find it a wonderful place to wander and explore these keys and see what I can find as I wander the beaches and the mangroves searching for treasures.    It is also fun to set your imagination loose and wonder what has taken place in this area with all the ships that have run aground and sunk around the Key West area.     As we search theses key for treasures it is not unusual for us to find beautiful shells, stuff left behind by the refugees that were picked up by the Coast Guard, old bottles and an occasional artillery shell.   

After a good day of treasure hunting and exploring it is fun to break open a nice rum and marvel in your new found treasures.      Then as the day draws to a close it is back to the sea and take our leisurely voyage back home.      Ain't life great?     It is when you look at it through a tropical rumstylin' perspective and just make the most out of where ever you are today.   ;o)