Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rumstylin' Music

     When I think of ruymstylin' music, my mind goes to a little cay in the Bahamas called Great Guana Cay.     There is a little bar there called Nipper's that holds a warm spot in my heart.     On any given Sunday there is a pig roast and some really great island music that keeps you feet moving and you drink down one after another of the Nipper's punches.     This is a bar that is placed on top of a sand dune and there is a winding stair way down to the beach and the third largest barrier reef in the world.

     Once a year in March usually there place is completely overrun with rumstylers and music fans that have to come and see George the Barefoot Man from Grand Cayman.      George has a collection of original songs that tell stories of fun in the tropical world that he has traveled, fished and caroused in.     This is the fun music singing about being conched out at The Conch Inn, or dealing with hurricanes, or even slipping away on a boat and living off of the water, diving up lobsters and drinking fine rum.     This is the music of the Rumstyler!    

     Where ever the Barefoot Man travels he draws a large fun loving group that will party til the "cows come home" or when the boat leaves for Marsh Harbour, which ever comes first.     There was a time I decided to hire a charter captain to pick us up at Great Guana Cay Pier at 1 in the morning that didn't show up.     This lead to a group of 6 of us sleeping on the dock with the no-see-ems nibbling on us.     All this was taken in step because we were partying in the true rumstyle's tradition and nothing will derail us from our mission.

     The music is a very important part of rumstylin' and your choice is your own and what ever it is enjoy it to the max.    Most important is do it with your friends and do it often.     ;o)