Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rumstylin Birthday Party's

     Having just gone through another milestone of age here recently, it reminds me of how much fun a rumstyler's birthday party can be.     In the case of Vicky, a lady friend of mine, it meant going out on a dinner cruise with a great group of her friends.     For George, another friend, it meant renting a hall above the spa in his condos.    For me it was a dock and boat party with a like-thinking group of friends that really enjoyed the fine cuisine( munchies, chips, and other finger foods) and a wee amount of the great beverage we call rum.

     Hey George, Keep on Keepin' on and the party just seems to keep goin' on.    The music, the rum, and the attitude just makes this happen.     George is one of my favorite rumstylers, he is just the happiest guy you ever want to meet, and he really enjoys the party.     His style being the great chef that he is is to have fine food and fine rum and the party is on for him and his friends.     As the night goes on many of the guests end up in the swimming pool, but a great time is always had by all that attend.

     Vicky on the other hand enjoys a cruise that includes a few of her closes friends and a little bit of wine with dinner and the rumstylin' takes over as the sun sets in the west.     These sunset dinner cruises are  really nice and the chefs are without question some of the finest around.     The more dressy  atmosphere of her birthday is another side of rumstylin that is wonderful and fun.

     On the third hand was my birthday.     This a loosely organized musical fun night in December between the dock and the boat  with a whole lot of friends.     This is more me, good rum (and a few other beverages), good friends and good music.      Friends laughing and having a great evening in the marina is my idea of a really fun way to add a year to my life.     It goes along with the idea of grow a bit older, but living the Peter Pan lifestyle of never growing up.      Growing up in the 60's of San Francisco the idea that you can't trust anyone over 30 just give credence the 35 anniversary of my 29th birthday.    

     No matter how you celebrate a rumstyler's birthday, you just have to have a positive outlook on what you are and what you want out of this life.   Then throw a party and carry on in the true rumstyler's tradition.   ;o)