Monday, January 17, 2011

More on the Home Rumstyler Bar

     There seems to be a lot of interest in the rumstyler's home bar so lets explore it some more.     I got a note from Dave Florek today and a couple of pictures of his rumstylers bar in New Jersey.      As you can see this is a really first class  and well equipped bar.     The real fun begins when you start collecting the decorations and the liquors that really shows off your personal rumstyle.    

     Dave also sent me another picture that shows you don't have to be in the Caribbean to be a rumstyler.   BRRRRRRRRRRR!     I see that Dave is a Buffett fan by the Margaritaville sigh and one of the very hard to get Landshark surfboards.      This is a bar that I could hang in especially this time of year if I were in New Jersey.      I guess that Dave hangs on the patio this time of year also based on the size of that heater just outside the door.     Dave can open the bar up to the warm summertime as well and you have the indoor/outdoor feel as well.

     Many of my friends have their own Rumstyler's bars all over the country, and I love to stop by and enjoy a fine rum there and just kick back and share some quality time with them at their bar.     If you want me to cover your home bar please send me a picture or two and a little note about it so I can share your ideas with the rest of us.      Enjoy and keep on Rumstylin, it's a great way of life.   ;o)