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Thursday, January 20, 2011

How Does a Rumstyler get to Know about Rums?

     Where do I get these rums?     How do I find out that they exist?     These are often asked questions that I receive in my capacity as a bartender in a rum bar with over 200 rums to choose from.     One of the best resources that come to mind is a great little booklet by Robert Burr called "Robert Burr's Gifted Rums Guide".     This little 50 page booklet packs a ton of information in a small space that's critical to the serious and novice rumstyler.     You can visit distilleries, learn new cocktail recipes, look into some of the history of cane spirits, plus being able to read descriptions of many of the worlds finest rums.

     You just choose the type of rum that suits your palliate and  start leafing through the list until something strikes your fancy.      It's easy to follow format takes you first to the type of rums and then you will find listed many of the rums of that category listed in alphabetical order to explore and make your choice.     Lets look for instance at  Abuelo 12 Anos Gran Reserva for example.  First look under "Premium Aged Rum" to find Abuelo 12 Anos Gran Reserva and simply read the discussion of the rum.      This clean format provides you with a simple and concise information center for all of these "Gifted Rums".

     If you can't find the book in your area it is also available in line at .     You can also contact Robert A. or his son Robert V. via E-mail with your rum questions.     They are very happy to discuss rumstylin' or talk about most any rum with you.

    The Burr's are a very big part of my Rumstyling  and they are people who have all the passion for rumstylin' and literally go to the ends of the earth to seek out and disseminate the virtues of "Gifted Rums".     ;o)