Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunset on the Water

     There is nothing like getting off work, a glass of fine rum, and putting your feet up while waiting for the sun to put on her spectacular evening show.      Sunset from the aft deck of the boat while sipping a glass of Cockspur VXOR puts new meaning to this laid-back lifestyle.     This is a ritual that I try to enjoy as a part of daily life here in the Keys, I guess it is something that I have learned with age.       I've found that as I grow older while refusing to grow up that I cherish every day more and more and find myself exploring new things and savoring the beauty instead of blowing through it without ever seeing anything.

     Sunset time is a time to reflect on the day and the friends you have seen.   It is a time to remember old friends and rejoice with new ones.      As a bartender I have a unique opportunity that I revel in every day as I meet new friends and occasionally have old ones return to see me.      Having old friends walk in ans sit down to share what has happened since our last visit and what is in their future is a heart warming pleasure that I enjoy on a regular basis.     Saturday afternoon I met some new friends that came to Key West as a reunion of old friends that traveled in from all over the country to share experiences and drink Goombay Smashes.     As the day went on, the group of friends became my friends too and a real warm fun rumstylin' day was enjoyed by all.   

     Like all days though, this one must come to and end as the sun melts into the sea and darkness pulls it cover over us, I'll finish up the rum and go in and have a little supper.      Thanks for all of my friends and friendships that keep me smiling at the end of the day.    ;o)