Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rumstylin' Stuff

     In an earlier edition we talked about the record raft-up on Lake Norman, I've been informed this past summer that the record has been shattered.     A total of 1,454 boats rafted up in a single and continuous line to break the record.     The record has been verified and is an official Guinness World Record.     Congratulations to all of those who were involved and especially to the organizers for such a monumental task.    

       I was thinking about the Virgin Islands again today and it reminded me that I didn't talk about St. Croix in my discussion.    St. Croix is the industrial island of the group, but it still is one of the most beautiful.     This Island has mahogany rainforest's, beautiful seaside resorts, and one of the best known rum distilleries in the Caribbean.     Cruzan Rums is a old distillery with Dutch heritage and still makes some of the better rums around.    Gone are the days of the sugar cane being grown and crushed  on the island, ( Dominican Molasses is used) but all of the tradition and skills are still being used in the making of these rums.      Cruzan has one of the most informative tours available at a distillery and being able to go right into the center of the operations is very exciting.    

     Carembola the old resorts that was created by the Laurence Rockefeller back in 1986, still this is a very special place to relax on the beach.     This venerable old resort is spread over several square miles, and designed to capture the beauty of the surroundings without dominating the property.     The Resort comes to the sea in one of the most spectacular spectacle I've ever seen.     This island offers you many shopping, dining, and excellent watering holes throughout.     I guess you can say it is a rumstylers dream island.

     I hired a taxi for the day at a very reasonable fee to take us around the island and it is money well spent if you haven't been to the island before.    There is muck more to see that can be done in one day, but a trip to St. Croix is a worthwhile journey.     ;o)