Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rumstylin' with the Taste of Venezuela

     Count of Tovar y Blanco was given a plot of land by the King of Spain, from which he established the Santa Teresa Hacienda in 1796.      To celebrate the 200th anniversary, in 1996,  Santa Teresa 1796 Ron Antigua de Solera was created.   

     This is a molasses rum containing locally obtained raw materials.    This is an ideal balance of noble rums that have rested in Limousin Oak casks of the solera.    The mother rum is rested in special cellars that provide the rums particular essence.    It is the unique method of aging and blending that the master blender selects  portions from the crianga and allow them to continue to rest for over 15 years.     This is a truly hand-crafted rum that really stands alone in its class.

     The fully rounded and warm notes on the nose leads you the the rich and complex and rich fruity and molasses flavors that last in the palate.    1796 Ron Antiguo de Solera is one of my top shelf favorites for sipping in the evening or after dinner.   This smooth, deep, and rich solera is not easy to just have one glass without having several more.     The taste really keeps you coming back for more.     ;o)