Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rumstylin' at Nippers

     Tucked away on the west side of Great Guana Cay in the Abaco's of the Bahamas is Nippers.     This little beachside watering hole is famous for its extravaganzas all summer long.      On any Sunday they have a pig roast that draws folks from all around to dine "Luau Style" and drink the famous Nipper's Punch.     Aside from the three or so major parties each year the place still rocks.     This marvelous little place is jammed on the weekends that the Barefoot Man come in for his annual show and the Easter Party with the  children's Easter egg hunt on the beach below.      4th of July is the Regatta party celebrating the annual sailboat races through the Abacos.     All of these parties fill Nippers to absolute capacity and some of the craziest party going people I've ever encountered.     Whether you like hanging out by the pool, walking the pristine white power sand beach or just dancing and drinking this little venue can really rock your world.     

     Just off the beach is the third largest barrier reef in the world that protects the delicate sea oat covered sand duns that Nippers sits atop.       As you get off the ferry in the harbour you immediately know that you have arrived in paradise when you notice that there are no cars, just golf cart and mini jitneys that move people and stuff around the harbour.     You then embark on the walk through the woods and up the hill ( carefully avoiding the many land crabs, nippers if you will, for whom Nippers was named) where you will emerge and discover a most spectacular view.

     Arriving early is a must if you want to have a picnic table as a base of operations and a place to sit.     As the crowd arrives the pool and the upper decks are filled almost immediately, the music, and the drinking begins, this party is on and in the ultimate rumstylin' tradition..     This is a party the will go late into the night and the revelers will continue to dance, eat and party til the cows come home.      You'll find a good number of them are leaving at about 7 pm when the last of the ferrys takes them back to Marsh Harbour, but for those who got rooms on Great Guana Cay the party keeps right on going.

     This is one of those little hideaways that I could continue steeling stories about for a week or more and not even scratch the surface of what goes on here.     All you have to do is take a flight to either Marsh Harbour or Treasure Cay and catch the ferry to Great Guana Cay and Nippers.     ;o)