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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rumstylin' with Rums from Trinidad & Tabago

     When you talk about rums you can not forget Trinidad and Tobago, the provide some of the finest rums in the World.     Fine Rums like Angostura 1824, 10 Cane Rum, and Zaya immediately come to mind.     These southeastern Caribbean islands are perfectly suited for the production of sugar cane and the distillation and aging of rums.    

     Angostura 1919 is an interesting rum stemming from World War I.     The soldiers from Trinidad would receive packages from home containing bottles of the local rum that they shared withe their fellow soldiers, insuring the love throughout of this fine rum.     This amber-gold rum is aged 8 years in American Oak Bourbon barrels that lends to it's smooth and somewhat delicate on the palate, that does expand a bit and has a long lasting warm finish.

     The older brother to this fine Rum, Angostura 1824    is aged 12 years in American Oak Bourbon barrels, then masterfully blended and placed back in casks and aged to maturity.   Then only 60,000 bottles per year are released for sale to the public.       The nose of this exquisite rum is worth savoring and leads you to the first sip.     The sweet and complex fruit and honey palate leads to a long and undeniable finish that is legendary for this fine rum.     Best is served neat, but a few cubes of ice will expand the flavor without loosing the wonderful flavors.  

     Whether you prefer the 1919 or the 1824, these fine rums are a proud part of the rum heritage of Trinidad.    

     A trip to Trinidad and Tobago would not be complete without looking a Zaya Gran Reserva.        Having moved its production from Guatemala in 2008,  Angostura distillery is now the producer Zaya  Gran Reserva .     there are very small differences in the original produced in Guatemala and the current production, most of which are very subtle in the viscosity and the finish.    This very dark color broadcasts its full bodied and the richness of the flavors about to hit the palate.     The rum finishes strong and leaves a warm carmely vanilla flavor.     This rum also likes to be served neat, but a couple of cubes of ice doesn't seem to dampen the fine flavors.

     We have only touched the tip of the "iceberg" here, but these are truly fine rums that won't disappoint you if they are added to the rumstyler's collection.     ;o)