Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rumstyler's Sunday Morning Muse

     Today is one of those days that my mind is wandering all over the place without and focus.     Thus so will today's blog.     Got to thinking about some of the evenings on the boat and at some of the local watering holes tasting rums with friends and some of the funny things that occurred as a result.
     Recently a couple of friends were rum tasting on the boat and one of the members had to go back to his boat to take his dog for a walk.    He stepped on to his swim platform and proceed to miss the platform with his other foot and he was in the drink right up to his , lets say belt line.    This was a good chuckle for the rest of us, but a bit chilly for my friend.   

     Another friend decided to have some shots at the local watering hole one evening and had to be carefully lowered on the my dinghy and the secured in the boat to prevent her loss into Davey Jones locker on the ride back to the marina.     The whole event was good for a chuckle also.      By the way we were able to roll her off the dinghy and on to the dock without any problem and she survived another funny evening.

     Boat people are really fun when the parties are on the dock and everyone can be walked, carted, or carried back to their boats in safety.     Marina parties tend to be loud and everyone can really let their hair down and just plain let loose.   

     If you have any stories you would like to have shared about your Rumstylin' happenings just send me a note or a Personal Message on my facebook page.     P.S.   Thanks for all the fun times in marinas all over the place, they bring me endless memories of fun and always put a big smile on my face.     ;o)