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Monday, January 31, 2011

Rumstylin Music

Barefoot Man playing in Key West last year.
      These days when I think of music that I really enjoy when I'm taking it easy, partying around on the boat, or at my favorite watering hole is of a tropical nature.      Years ago I'd think of Harry Belafonte, or Jimmy Buffett, but these days I like the local/personal sounds of Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band from Key West, the Barefoot Man from Grand Cayman, or even new arrivals like the Zack Brown Band.

     Barefoot Man is one of those guys that where ever he goes he looks around and finds the material for a new song.     Many of the songs he sings are about life in and about the Abacos in the Bahamas.      I sings about hhurricanes, bars, laid-back living,  getting drunk and stupid, fishing, and even loud shirts.     I've been to many of his concerts at Nippers in the past, but it was a real pleasure to be able to enjoy him here at home in Key West.

Howard Livingston and his Johnson Blender
      Howard Livingston and the Mile Marker 24 Band is another of those local/tropical groups that reaches the heart-strings of his listeners.     Singing songs about "Living on Key West Time", "Blaming it on the Margarita", or searching for Kokomo.   Howard is another of those really talented singer/writers that people follow all over the country.     Howard has a local television show these days about "Living on Key West Time".     The highlight of the evening  at many of Howard's concerts is when the break out the 1950's Johnson Outboard Blender and start making frozen margaritas while the sing "Blame it on the Margaritas". 

     Zack Brown is a relative newcomer to the tropical music scene, but has hit it big with the tropical rumstylers with 'Toes in the Water", and "Where the boat leaves from".     This Georgia group has hit the nail on the head for what rumstyler want to feel when they are partying.     Many of us have dreamed of getting out of the frozen North and moving to the tropics and Zack has allowed a lot of people to fantasize about the life down here and running out of money and having to go home.    

      Let  me know what songs get your heart pumping for a rumstying life and send me a note so we can put a list of what makes all you rumstylers get up and start dancin' around.    Send me a note on Facebook at my page to the right.   ;o)