Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Saturday, February 12, 2011

John Prine in Key West

     The Florida Keys showed up in force last night as John Prine  took us through the past and present with his unique thought provoking music.     I remember John from my days in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 60's and 70's.    His songs of the Vietnam era, "Six O'clock News" or "Spanish Pipe Dream" songs and the fun of "Illegal Dreams" or "Your Flag Decal", set John Prine apart from the rest entertainers of the time.     John's style keeps you smiling, crying, and laughing again in the flip of a coin.    He has so many gut wrenching songs that tear at you heart, "Sam Stone" and "Hello in There".    His style has carried him through 5 decades in the music world and after last nights concert, I know that he hasn't lost a thing.     His look at everyday life and getting through life and making it to the top "Inspite of Ourselves".   

     John Prine's concert is a great value in these days of soaring concert ticket prices and big productions that loose the personal touch of seeing your favorite celebrities in person.     The Glynn Archer Center is one of those venues that offers the personal touch and the feeling that he is singing just to you.     This was the perfect location for John's freewheelin' music and entertainment.     I especially enjoyed when John turned off the big amps and sang with just his acoustic guitar and the mike like the coffee shop days of the 60's.    

     Just want to say thanks for the memories and the pleasure of traveling through you view on the world, how the your words keep returning to the surface with meaning are as true today as they were back 40 years ago.     I also say if you get a chance to go to one of his concerts, don't miss it, if you don't know about his special style of music that includes "Rumstylin'" in "Lets Talk Dirty in Hawaiian" you need to invest in a ticket and setback and let him entertain you.     ;o)