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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ron Abuelo Centuria Reserva de la Familia

Ron Abuelo Centuria
      As the name would indicate, this is a rum made to celebrate the 100 years of rum making at Varela Hermanos.      100 years ago Don Jose Varela Blanco, with courage and extra ordinary values opened a sugar mill in Pese Panama: Ingenio San Isidro.  It is in the honor of a 100 years of sticking to his values and dreams that Varela Hermanos embarked on the making their finest rums ever.     Luis Jose Valera, the "hands on" second in command at Valera Hermanos chose a blend of the finest rums from the oldest aged rum reserves, some of which are 30 years old, and created the "Reserva de la Familia".     Following the traditional "solera" aging system allows Valera Hermanos to preserve the character and flavor of these fine rums throughout the years.     This new rum "Ron Abuelo Centuria" is not only a celebration of 100 years in the rum business, but a celebration of their commitment to quality and the passion for making the best aged rums.     Nothing was spared in making this limited quantity aged rum.

Jaun Carlos Varela
       After being blessed with the opportunity to taste the Centuria during the past couple of days I can't help to believe that the passion has come through in the product.     This fine solera boasts a rich aroma and a dark color that draws you in immediately.     The tase on the palate is rich and sweet with subtle woody overtones.   The finish is dry and lasts for a long time leaving you with a state of enjoyment rarely reached.

     The tour of the Bodega where the solera is rested and maintained through out the process was especially rewarding when we were able to partake of a "barrel sample" from one of the fine resting rums in the uncut (135 proof) condition.     This was a warm and rich flavor that had a very light burn (for such an overproof sample) with a flavor that lasted for a very long time.    In fact it lasted close to 5 minutes as all of us shared the sample.     These results are here because of the attention to detail throughout the process from the hand cut sugar cane, to the passion from the employees and ownership to produce a unmistakeable fine aged rum.

The Barrel Sample

     Ron Abuelo Centuria will be available in very limited quantities in the United States very soon at a price point of about $125.     Don't miss the opportunity to have this fine aged celebration of the dreams and passion of Varela Hermanos in your collection.    ;o)

Ageing Bodegas

Replacing the "Angel's Share"