Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rumstylin St.Croix

     St. Croix is a real jewel in the Virgin Islands.     Christainsted isa very beautiful city that will take you back to the days when it was the capital of the Danish West Indies.     The architecture, the beautiful harbor, and the quaintness of the city makes it a must see on your visit to St. Croix.   There are a number of historic sites that you really need to visit while in Christainsted, including Fort Christainsted, the Steeple Museum, the Restored Government House and other government buildisgs.  Just walk down the old cobblestone sidewalks and feel the old-world atmosphere of this one square mile town.     The harbour with all it's restaurants and shops is a great place to dine and shop as well.     The 27 acre historic district is maintained by the United States National Park Service, along with the restoration of these precious buildings and walkways the Danish heritage of the City is going to be here for those who come in the future.

     When we leave Christiansted, the next most important site on St. Croix for a rumstyler is the historic Cruzan Distillery located in Fredricksted.        With the remnants of the old windmill once used to crush the sugar cane along with the surrounding historic Danish architecture you have one of the more modern rum distilleries anywhere.     The distillery produces and bottles the line of Cruzan Rums and ships rum for finishing to many other companies through out the world.     From it's Fredricksted location it has a very good harbour from which it can bring in the molasses from the Dominican Republic and ship out the finished rum.

     St. Croix has some very dense Mahogany rain forests in it's central inland areas as well as some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere.     I can just picture me now lying on the hammock and sipping a Cruzan Single-Barrel and just letting the world go away.     Should you get the opportunity, St. Croix is a jewel that you really do not want to miss when in the Virgin Islands.    The resorts are luxurious, the views are spectacular, and the rum is local.     What more can you ask for??   ;o)