Friday, February 25, 2011

Spending the Afternoon with My Friends

     Sometimes I just need ti sit on the forward deck of the boat and relax.     I find myself just needing some peace and quiet.     Recently I found myself in that state and laid out on the deck and just pondered nothing.     I guess it was a lucky day for me because I was joined by one of my local friends, Eddie the Egret.       Eddie is an old friend that returns to Sunset Marina every winter.     He hangs out along the docks collecting all the fish he can eat and occasionally drops by a few of the boats for a little conversation.      On this day he was some really enjoyable company.     I was just sitting alone on the deck having a taste of one of my special rums when he lit on the rail.     He and I were able to carry on a conversation for about 15 or so minutes and he went off to visit another friend.

     It is times like these when I realize how fortunate that I am to be living here in paradise and being able to enjoy so much unspoiled natural beauty.     In all of my previous lives I have been one of those "over-achievers" that could never slow down and just relax, not even for a minute.     These days when I get the urge to relax it is very easy here in the keys.    
     On another occasion another of my friends stopped by, Ozzie the Osprey, he is a year round local that has his aerie in top of the communication tower for the Sheriff's department next door.     This venerable fisherman will usually stop in to brag between fishing trips.     I really think that the kids up in the aerie are driving him nuts so he stops by to chat while I'm enjoying my rum.     Ozzie can get real talkative once in a while and he'll hang out for an hour or more.      Ozzie sometimes will try to share hes "catch of the day" with me, but sushi has never really been for me.     I usually just pass it on to a waiting  snapper or barracuda hanging out below the boat.     I really don't Ozzie really appreciates me giving his hard earned dinner away like that, especially when he had just given it to me as a special gesture.       Ozzie gets over his frustration quickly and settles back to his meal and only grumbles quietly  while he finishes.     I am always awestruck when I watch these beautiful birds hunt over the open water.     The eye of an eagle is a true to life fact.     As they sit high above the water watching, they spot a fish and away the go swooping down and literally grab the fish from the water like we grab one from the shelf of the fish market.  

     I really feel that the birds around here are just like the people, in that they need to visit with some friends and get things off their chests just like we people do.      Otherwise why would they stay and hang out with me for the periods that they do.     It is sort of like me getting off work and heading to my favorite watering hole and chatting with some old and new friends to clear my mind, or what is left of it, after a day behind the bar "working".     You know I really don't consider the time behind the bar as really working.     Do you ever wonder what really goes on in the minds of the birds when they come by to say hey at your house?     It is a curious question and has real possibilities as to who is the smarter.     They are great listeners and provide a very serene atmosphere in which to relax.    Sometime when you don't think you can stand anymore of the stress just go outside and beckon some of your friends and learn to relax and chat with them, it really works.     ;o)