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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Quick Stop at Dunn's River Falls

Bob and Marta "fording the falls"
      The trip to Jamaica would not be complete without a visit to the Dunn's River Falls just outside of Ocho Rios.     This set of falls are described by geologists as "a living phenomenon" in that they are continuously being reconstructed by the depositing of calcium carbonate and sodium by the river waters.    The falls appear to be giant stair steps that the river is cascading over to produce this world famous natural phenomenon.      Climbing these falls from the beach upward is a thrilling endeavor and a very popular tourist activity .     With the help of your guide, the falls can be negotiated without much trouble, this is an exhilarating activity though and not for the faint of heart.      This is usually done in a "human chain" as the guild leads you up the falls.     There are several lagoons along the way as you climb up nearly a 1000 feet up the falls.

     These beautiful falls are not just known to the tourists for their beauty, but to Hollywood as well.     The original 1962 James Bond  film "Dr. No" was partially filmed at this location as James Bond (Sean Connery ) and Honey Rider ( Ursula Andress) met as she walked along the Dunn's River Beach.  That is also were they were shot at as they swam in the river and went searching for the "fire-breathing" dragon.    

     The 1988 classic film "Cocktail" starring Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue was filmed in the Ocho Rios area around Dunn's River Falls as well.     This love story had a "steamier scene" in the falls as Tom and Elizabeth kissed.    

     It is the beauty of these falls that makes a natural backdrop for all of the movies that used the falls as a location for filming.

     Should the opportunity arise you would be remiss if you don't visit the falls.     In addition to the falls there is a "straw market" on the property that has many fine artisans and souvenir peddlers that really have some good things to sell.    There is lush vegetation and shaded areas in the park that provide a cooling effect as the people climb the falls.     The cafeteria provides a good place to sit and have a meal as you enjoy the park.     Don't forget to visit the historic town of Ocho Rios just outside of the park.     ;o)