Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Rumstyler's Day Off

     Though it is only a day off in name only it has me in a really relaxed state of mind.      I'm working on a couple of projects here in my office, when the outside keeps tugging on  me to go visit.     So I give in and wander along the second floor decks that surround the building and I'm drawn to stop and stare out over the water and begin to daydream a bit.     I've got to get my work done today I keep telling myself, but right now I'm feeling a little deaf to the voices call me back to work.     I guess it is a bit like taking a test in school when your mind is down at the beach and surfing is where you'd really like to be.     I think to myself, the project will still be there tomorrow, but I'm back at the bar tomorrow, then I think well I can put it off for another week, but season is already upon us and I really need to get it finished.

     As I start to mosey back to the office, my eyes are caught by the water's blue green color and begin to think of getting out on the water today as I stare at one of the neighbor's boats sitting on the hard behind the office.      This is getting harder and harder I keep telling myself, and if I don't get back in front of the computer, this day will be a total waste.     Wasted because I didn't get my project completed, and because I spent so much time procrastinating, that I didn't get to go out on the water either.     Now I'm back at the computer in my office and trying hard to get this blog completed so that I don't disappoint the readers that are in their offices after fording the cold weather and snow to get there.     I guess that I can't complain very much, and as a matter of fact I guess that I've really nothing to complain about at all.     To quote Buddy Holly "you don't always get what you want", but most of the time if you work at it hard enough you can get the important stuff.    

     I'm glad that you hung out with me today and were such a help in getting me through the morning and helping me get all of my work done.      It just about time for me to go and finish up the other little things that I've got to do and get out on the water for a couple hours before heading to the Hurricane Hole and happy hours.     ;o)