Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Searching for a Story

Hurricane Hole Marina
      Last night, and this morning I've been searching for some thing to happen that would have a story in it.     It was one of those evenings that just sort of happened while the clients of the Hurricane Hole sat at the bar, sipped their cocktails, and watched the basketball game on the television.     Most of us were either tired from the week's work or just in a quiet mood.     Our friend the Captain had to load up his sailboat on the trailer and head back to Colorado on Friday morning, and spring break hasn't quite happened yet.    

     The bartenders are busy between the service bar and the rest of us sitting there finishing our drinks and requesting new ones in a endless manor.      The Texas Hold 'em game is in full swing up stairs, and the evening continues along without anything sparking  my interest for a story.     Even the dogs that are usually running around looking for bits of food dropped by the patrons are lying around content to have someone pet them on the head or scratch their backs as they walk by.      I guess I'll just finish up my rum and mosey down the dock and see who's at the other end and go up stairs to see if there is anything happening there.    

     It's still uneventful here, but the more I think about that, the more I'm enjoying it.     Actually it is becoming the story today.    Sometimes quiet and slow moving nights are the best ones.     They just bring you to a place where all is right with the world and we don't really need to have the place on fire and people going at a hundred miles an hour to have a really nice rumstylin' evening.    The funny part of today was there is really a story in the fact that there is no story, and I sometimes forget to enjoy the nothing and the quiet.     ;o)