Monday, March 7, 2011

The American Tiki Hut

     As I boat around the canals and waterways here in Key West I occasionally come upon a Tiki Hut or two.     This picture that a friend of mine sent me recently reminds me, with daylight savings time starting next Saturday that it is time to clean up the back patio or tiki hut bar and get it ready for spring and summer rumstylin'.     Some of our Florida friends have already started having backyard parties already, but as the warm weather slowly pushed it's way back up north it is time to begin preparation.     

     I just love the stuff people find to put under the roof of their tiki huts.     I have a friend that has his decorated with a Landshark Surfboard, like the one in the picture, oars from a "Cuban Chug" ( refugee boat), fishing nets and floats, beer signs, and any other bits of nautical debris that has floated ashore and collected.     These tiki huts seem to be the location of some of the craziest and funest parties that I've ever attended.     There is something about a tiki hut, a warm afternoon or evening, and a bottle or two of your favorite rum that says PARTY loud and clear.    No matter where the tiki hut is, it takes you and your mind to a beautiful tropical location and hanging out on the beach.    Folks it don't get any better than that.     If you don't have one, just build yourself one, you won't regret it.     ;o)