Friday, April 8, 2011

Key West Sunset Celebration

     In Key West's Mallory Square there is a daily celebration at sunset.    This little festival is a mecca for street performers, artists, food vendors, psychics, and arts and crafts exhibitors.     If you haven't attended this one of a kind celebration you should the next time you come to Key West.

Dominique and his Hous Cats

      There are literally fifteen to twenty acts in the square every evening that will entertain you for tips and applause.    Many of the acts have been featured on television shows nationally.     There are escape artists, wire walkers, trained cats and dogs, sword swallower's, and many many more to entertain you.     One of the longest and most famous of the acts is the cat show of  Dominique and his Flying House Cats.      Oscar, Cossette, Sharky, Sara, Chopin, George and Mandarine, make up the troupe that perform daily at the Westin Pier next to Mallory Square each evening.     Dominique's house cats are one of the best house cat shows on earth and perform for your generous tips each day.

     In addition to the performers, there are arts and crafts exhibitions and great food carts that dot the square from about an hour before sunset and for a half hour afterward.     You can visit psychics, mimes, magicians, and many other performers ans you wander through Mallory Square awaiting mother nature's finale to the show when the sun drops in a most spectacular manor into the Gulf of Mexico.     Oh and if you miss it today there will be a repeat performance tomorrow and every evening afterward.      Never put off til tomorrow what you can experience today.    Sunset will still be there, but you might not, so don't miss the Sunset Celebration what ever it takes to see it.     ;o)