Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Different Adventure for a Rumstyler

Yours truly running through the dirt.
Oh the city life
     Throughout my years I've traveled on many many types of vehicles, but and adventure I had last December in Mexico was a bit over the top.     I watched a mailman the other day bringing the mail on a Segway, you know those two-wheeled  electric scooters.     These are thought of a s a city runabout to get between buildings in the bit cities.    Boy was I in for a surprise when I got on one to run off-road in the Mexican jungles.      This version of the street runner has oversize off-road tires and a few other heavy duty items that bring the Segway alive on the dirt.

The little woman also enjoyed the ride
     We went up and down hills, through puddles, gravel, and you just would not believe how well these little scooters handle the rough terrain.     You can run up to about 20 plus miles per hour and with some practice you can negotiate the dirt corners at a pretty good clip.     Often the Segways will get into a bit of a drift as you take them through the corners at speed, but are really controllable.     I guess that I didn't expect much from the street runners in an off-road environment, but had a real eye opening by the toughness and versatility of the little scooters.     They were really fun to drive and with a little bit of practice really run to ride.

And Tommy, what can I say, he's runnin' hard
      If you are ever in the Cancun area this adventure park that has the Zip Lines as well as the Segway off road adventure is a great way to spend a half a day.    Oh you will be ready for a stop at the bar for a nice cold rum afterward, and a nap shortly after the bar.      I promise you that on my next visit to Mexico in 2012  I'll be back on the Segways, and the Zip Lines, but that is another story.     ;o)