Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ron Cartavio XO: Soon at the Rum Bar

     The Rum Bar is proud to be adding Ron Cartavio XO and Solera to the 200 plus rums already at the Rum Bar.     Cartavio XO is one of those wonderful sweet rums that has a very complex array of flavors that make it stand out in any crowd.      Cartavio earned a Gold Award in the RumXP International Competition last year at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.    

     Cartavio XO is the proud product of Master blender Federico Shulz, and created to celebrate 80 years of rum production in Peru by Destilerias Unidas.     This proud brand first appeared in 1929 and was the country's first rum produced in abundance.     In the mid 1990's Cartavio was privatized allowing the new owners to begin to improve the quality and the reputation of their products.     The Cartavio Distillery is located in the small town of Cartavio near Trujillo, and surrounded by a river valley boasting thousands of acres of sugar cane.

     Cartavio XO is a solera of rums varying in age from 30 years to the youngest being 10 years.     These have been rested in a variety of oak barrels plus sherry and bourbon casks to attain this profile of excellence.     The Cartavio distillery uses a unusual continuous distillation system, a rather simple process that allows for less loss of the spirit to the waste area and a cleaner distillation. 

     This is a darker amber rum that is clear as the waters off of Abaco.     The nose is of caramelized molasses and spice with a touch of flowers, nuts, and tobacco.     While initially a bit sweet upon first taste it drys as it passes through the palate and finishes in a long and spicy dry, with a tingling sweetness on the lips.     Much of the flavors remind me of dried sweet fruits, with hints of vanilla, banana, and buttery nuts. 

     I'm personally looking forward to the arrival of the Cartavio line of rums at The Rum Bar in Key West   later this month.    Pleas come by and sample this fine rum along with our other 200 plus selection of rums.     ;o) 
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