Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Research Completed

The Labratory
      Yesterday we accomplished quite a few of our goals during our lab session.     We finished a new "KeyZ Cocktail" a very tropical and refreshing blend that isn't terribly sweet, bus has that good tropical taste.     As you can see, out lab allow us to make use of many ingredients to provide the flavors that make a new cocktail really good.     The part that always interests me is how things work together.     For that reason, we have to keep a wide variety of liquors and liqueurs in stock so we have all the tools to create these new and classic cocktails.

Yes, Good Plantation Rums
      One of the other experiments we worked on yesterday was Rob Burr's "Rum Wreck" cocktails.     We took a group of 8 Plantation Rums and chilled them and added various bitters and other things to refine this really interesting cocktail.     The concept initially reminded me of the old "Bar Rail" cocktail, but with a little bit of effort, the  taste is excellent especially when the rums work together to complement each other.    The Plantation rums all work well together I feel because they have a common finishing by the Plantation people in Cognac, France.     It is my opinion that you need to make this drink with the younger rums because the older and higher end rums are blended by the master blenders as the flagship of their brands and tend not to play well with others like the younger ones.     The younger rums lack the advantage of premium blending and as you blend them, given that you can blend the correct ones together, you become the "Master Blender" in your lab.

     We will not be continuing our work til next Wednesday, because Monday and Tuesday we'll be in the Sarasota area visiting the Drum Circle and Caribbean Distilleries.     It is our goal next Wednesday to put the lid on the Rum Wreck research and move back to the cocktails ans see if some of them can be finished as well.     This weekend you should try some lab time, it is very rewarding as well as a lot of fun.     ;o)