Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mount Gay Black 100 Proof: The Rum Lab is reopening to explore this one!

Rum Wreck Bar Photo
     I've been having some renewed interest in the newer and traditional overproof rums here lately.     The introduction of Mount Gay's new Black 100 Proof has given me some ideas that I'll be exploring tomorrow in the "Rum Lab".     I feel that with a little bit of work, this rum might just "Swizzle" it's way into you heart, but will probably kick like a 'Mule".       I'll let you know as soon as I can rectify my notes and tell you about some new Key West concoction.    

     The Barbados based Mount Gay Eclipse Black is a blend of a couple of seven year old rums.     It has an amber color with a stronger and more complex flavor that the traditional Eclipse, and carries a more pleasing aroma of smoke, fruit and spices.     This rum is more like the Mount Gay Extra Old, but with a 100 proof intensity.    This is classic Bajan Rum from the eldest rum distillery in the world and warrants the "Rum Lab" experimentation for a new Key West cocktail from this new rum.     ;o)