Bahama Bob's Rumstyles

Friday, July 15, 2011

So Little Time with So Much to Do

     Today my friends Mike and Julia from North Carolina headed home, and I have a day off.     What can I do?      The weather is touching on the 88 degree mark and the breezes are for all practical purposes calm.     This could be a perfect day to head out on the water and do some exploring of some of the many keys that I haven't been to.     The other side of the coin says maybe to the Rum Lab and do some research with the two new rums that I have gotten this week.      There is something that keeps calling me on days like this one to go out on the water and find new things.

     I guess that I could compromise and take a bit of rum and go out on the water and still fulfill all of my obligations to do research of all types at the same time.     Water days are a real rumstyler's dream days, they make you feel like a pirate or maybe even a touch of Robinson Crusoe, as you move away from "civilization" and explore some of the mangrove keys that lie all around Key West.     The best part is that I get to enjoy some really nice rum, explore some really beautiful seascapes, and when it is over go home and relax in the comfort of my home at the dock.     Best of all worlds.

     I think the water and rum day is what is really called for today so I grab my camera, my rum and a chart and heat off on another high seas adventure in my mind as I explore the calm and beautiful waters around Key West.     I'll bring you back the pictures and the story.     ;o)